Master Class

Writing Historical Fiction

a master class

Learn the craft of writing historical fiction from
the esteemed author Zhang Ling
(interviewed by Shelly Bryant)


  • 14 short videos (1 hour 15 minutes total)
  • audio recording
  • transcript of video/audio recordings
  • Where to Publish Your Historical Fiction (ebook)
  • 1 pre-recorded Q&A session
  • 1 month free access to all content at A Polite Lie

Bring History to Life

Learn how to bring history to life through her works of fiction as Zhang Ling shares her approach to making history live through believable characters

Finding Truth in Fiction

Learn how to balance the truth of history with the excitement of fiction in the lives of your characters and the historic times they live through
Meet the instructor

Zhang Ling

Zhang Ling (張翎)is an award-winning Chinese-Canadian novelist who has published nine novels and a dozen of collections of novellas and stories in Chinese. She is the winner of several prestigious Chinese literary awards, including Author of the Year Prize of Chinese Media Literature Awards, Grand Prize (twice) of Overseas Chinese Literary Awards, and Open Book Award. Her recent publications include A Single Swallow, Sands of Time, A Tale of Birthing, and Gold Mountain Blues. Her novella Aftershock was adapted into China’s first IMAX movie (唐山大地震), winning Best Film at the Asian Pacific Film Festival. Many of her works have been translated into English and other international languages.

hosted by Shelly Bryant

Patrick Jones - Course author